“Playing with dreams”
Friday Oct. 14, 6:30pm
Aprox. Running Time 49 min

“Papiroflexia” by Joaquín Baldwin
2:30 min, 2007, Official Selection VideoFest 2008
“Birdman” by Pepe Ozan, Best of the VideoFest 2004
5:00 min Redux (original 16 min)
“Rios” by Romero Alves
3:30 min, 2007, Official Selection VideoFest 2008
“Flor” by Carolina Stankiewich
7:00 min, 2005, Best Video del Barrio, VideoFest 2005

“The Midnight hour” by Edgardo Cervano-Soto
7:00 min, Youth Video, Official Selection VideoFest 2010
“Catástrofe” by Marcelo Zevallos
1:30 min, 2006, Best Experimental, VideoFest 2006

“Breathing Chamber” by Carlos Marulanda
15:00 min, Best Short Fiction, VideoFest 2006
“Special Night” by Leopoldo Rivera
3:30 min, 2007, 2nd place, Best of the VideoFest 2008

“The Job” by Jonathan Browning
3:00 min, 2008, Special guest, VideoFest 2009

7:20pm Q&A with Special guests

Nina Serrano, Poet & Filmmaker, MCCLA Founder, VideoFest committee member 2004-2009 Carolina Stankiewich, Visual Artist, winner Best Video del Barrio @ VideoFest 2005 Adrián Arias, Visual Artist & Poet, VF producer 2004-2010 and curator
of this screening, Jason Wallach, Filmmaker, VF producer 2010-2011 and Eventes Coordinator @ MCCLA.

“Light, Camera, Reality”
Friday Oct. 14, 8:30pm
Aprox. Running Time 53 min

“On the Road with Evo” by Tupac Saavedra,
23:00 min, Best Documentary VideoFest 2006
“Las Fruteras: A Fruitvale Tale” by Manijeh Gonzalez Fata
11:30 min, Best of the VideoFest, 2nd Place, VideoFest 2005
“2501 Migrants: A Journey” by Yolanda Cruz
3:00 min Redux (original 57 min) Special guest VideoFest 2010
“Medellín” by Patricia Montoya
10:00 min, Official Selection VideoFest 2010.
“Los ABCs, Que Vivan Los Muertos!” by John Jota Leaños
5:00 min, 2006, Best Animation, VideoFest 2008


Video credits with Images from
"Cuando yo soñaba un mundo al revés"
by Jorge Dalton
Music by The Genie
Thanks to all the video makers included in
the screenings and thanks to more than 200
video makers participating during
VideoFest 2004-2010
This compilation curated by Adrian Arias
with the collaboration of Jason Wallach
Tech Manager, Will Pappin
Edited @ MCCLA Multimedia Dpt.
San Francisco 2011