Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts presents:
its 29th Annual Solo Mujeres Show

March 26 - May 2, 2015
MCCLA Galleries 2868 Mission Street, San Francisco

Curator: Ximena Soza
Thursday March 26 | 2015 6pm
Entry: $5 admission Gallery hours: Tue-Sat: 10 am - 5 pm

This year’s exhibit invites women artists to explore how womanhood intersects with race, ethnicity, social class, and sexual orientation. Experience women’s art in relation to another dimensión of their identity. Analize the way in which different forms of oppression intersect each other, defining a woman’s experiences in different ways.

Eliana Cetto
Rossana Reis
Josiane Mengue
Maikue Vang
Fan L. Warren
Judy Shintani
Katia Perez
Kenya Moses
Debra Stuckgold
Edurne Gonzalez Ibañez
Madeline Martin
Susana Aragón
Nora Chin
Tessie Barrera-Scharaga
Graciela Huinao
Breena Angelica Nuñez
Ximena Soza
Reem Jubran
Rosario Perriello
Indira Urrutia
Jessica Kuipers
Maya Luna


The Mission Cultural Center proudly announces Ximena Soza as the 2015 Solo Mujeres curator. Ximena Soza is a Chilean born artist, poet, educator and researcher whose work in all areas has been committed to social justice. Her formal education has been concentrated in education. Through multiple scholarships and fellowships Ximena obtained her BA in education in Santiago, Chile and received her Masters and Ph. D from University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee. She currently teaches art at an Inclusion project for the Institute of Public Health.

As an artist Ximena' work has been shown in galleries, streets, universities and museums in Illinois, Georgia, Wisconsin, California and different cities in Chile and Mexico. Her work was last seen at the Day of the Dead exhibits at Latino Arts in Milwaukee, the Museum of Oakland California in Oakland and The Mission Center for the Latino Arts in San Francisco.

As a writer and performer Ximena has worked with different theater companies and has been awarded with several international literary prizes for her fiction, becoming part of Latin American short stories anthologies in Argentina and the US.


This activity was sponsored by California Arts Council and National Arts and Disability Center at the University of California Los Angeles.

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